Sojourner: one who takes up temporary residence


Most of us have heard mention of that great Christian classic, Pilgrim’s Progress, some of us know that John Bunyan wrote it, and a few of us have actually read it from cover to cover.  Pilgrim’s Progress is the allegory of the Christian life; a picture of one’s spiritual life from the point of Salvation to one’s arrival at Heaven’s gates.  Most Christians understand that life is a journey and that their time on earth is simply a sojourn.  For a Christian the Bible tells us our true citizenship is in heaven and life is simply a journey to that eternal home.  I am indeed blessed to not only know this truth in the Spiritual sense, I know it in the physical sense, because the life I have led is indeed a series of sojourns.

As one who has lived in almost 30 places in 40 years, and that does not include my plethora of travels to every continent except Antarctica, but does include living in Japan, I know temporary!  My most permanent home lasted only 5 years, during my late elementary and early high-school years.  On the average, I have spent less than 2 years in any one place.

My grandparents had a sign in their home that read, “The Smiths:  Always on the Go!”  And go they did!  These two loved to travel!  Yet, all their trips lead them back to the same house.  For decades they roamed the world always to return to Gregory Ave.  As the family grew the house grew and the house was home.  Here I am, two generations removed, and while the travel gene passed strongly to me, the idea of one house to call home is foreign.  If home is a place, I have not found my home.  I believe I am on my way there and for now, my best understanding of home constitutes a series of sojourns.

Both spiritually and physically, I understand temporary residence; I know that life is a pilgrimage.  This blog is my story – whether it be the pages that chronicle the day to day, the pages that flash-back to where I’ve been, the stories and poems that articulate what prose cannot, or the devotions that reveal God’s lessons for me – this is it.  This is where you will meet Joyce, the Journaling Sojourner!


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